Friday, 2 June 2017

Binding the Beast

If believing was rationale, one would adhere
to the power of vision and sensible care.
But believing is not. It is rather suspect
if the so called believer is just intellect.

It is likely, say beasts to the growth on the ground,
that you perish and that you will never be found.
But the growth knows the beast is the one not to see
since from being corrected the beast is not free.

Jesus Christ is the Lord, and the Lord is the life
of the glorious daughter and sister and wife.
There is no room for consideration and blame.
There is only the Son fine delivered as fame.

.·: † :·.

1 comment:

  1. Praising God for His Son and our Salvation. The beast has no power and yet he tries. He gathers all his strength and does all he can, but he truly will never win. Oh, that I will stay strong in the Lord. Thank you for leaving a comment. I am in the midst of packing and getting ready to move. God has a place for us, but we do not know that answer yet. He has us leaning on Him and learning from Him about this leaning! Caring through Christ, ~ linda @ Being Woven



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