About me

My name is Anders Woje Ellingsen. I am Norwegian. The name Anders is Scandinavian for Andrew.

I am a priest, not by profession, but by the love of God. I am not educated to be a priest, and I am not working as a priest, but a priest is what I really am. I prepare the world for Christ and I afford wisdom. My presentations on internet are many.

I am alone. I have been pushed out from any social establishment and I have no friends and no belongingness. My surety comes from the wisdom I have been given and from the work of our fathers, manifested in the Bible, and in the culture.

They say I am a lunatic. One may, though, question the fact.

I love writing in English. You see, Norwegians, by language, by culture, are materialistically oriented. Scandinavians are. And that is a very fine thing to be, if Christian. English, to me, is idealistically oriented. So I learn a lot from writing English, and I raise myself from the pity of insanity by doing so. I believe English will become even more common in the years to come, so that the world will be united in English. My vocabulary is not profound, but I try to learn, and I keep getting discoveries of attitude when writing. And that is rewarding. My aim is not to collect a treasury of words, but to master the grammar.

Welcome to my sites!

Me in 1964
Photo: Eivind Hiis Hauge


Be important to The Lord!
Be a being to afford!
Be a child the way you see
it. Be to be set free!